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The chapters "Ao no Exorcist" were written and illustrated by Kazue Kato and were issued by the publisher Shueisha in the magazine Jump Square from April 2009. In July 2011, the sections were collected in six tankōbon'ów, of which the first volume was released on August 4, 2009, and the sixth on April 4, 2011 July 4, with 26 chapters published.

Viz Media has licensed the manga publishing in North America. The first volume was issued there on 5 April 2011, and the fifth will be published 6 December 2011

"Ao no Exorcist" isaaaaa also published in the magazine Shonen Jump Advance from 5 April 2011

License issue also received the French manga publisher Kaze Manga, and the first volume appeared in France 27 May 2010

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Inspired by tales of the Brothers Grimm, Kato tried to take the topic brothers fighting with monsters. Finally decided to create a story about demons and exorcists, so write "Ao no Exorcist".Because of the exorcists, who are the theme of this manga, it is in many religious, above all, biblical references. In an interview with Anime News Network, Kato said: "I should not run away from these references, since I work in the topic of exorcism."

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Animated adaptation of the manga was published on 27 November 2010, the official website of Jump Square, Shueisha publishing house. Anime is produced by Studio A-1 Pictures of Hitoshi Okamura as a producer. Originally the series was to be issued from 10 April 2011 on MBS channel, however, due to the earthquake and tsunami that took place on 11th March 2011. emission shifted to 17 April 2011 was used as the soundtrack of four songs, two as a openingi and two ending themes. Openingiem for the first 12 episodes was "Core Pride," a Japanese rock band UVERworld , while the second 13 episode of "In My World," a Japanese rock band ROOKiEZ is Punk'd . Ending the 12 episode is "Take Off" South Korean boy band 2PM , and another is "Wired Life", a Japanese singer song Meisy Kuroki. The American branch of Aniplex has announced the launch of "Ao no Exorcist" on DVD in four sets, and the first issue will be published on 18 October 2011.