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Nicknames "Koneko / Koneko-chan", Konekomaru is shy genius who is able to come up with a brilliant strategy in a very short time. He is very loyal to Ryujiego and Renzo, as were brought together in a temple in Kyoto. Konekomaru is friendly and nice to everyone. The last accepted Rin after disclosure of his true identity, but eventually saw his good intentions. Konekomaru is an orphan, and the last surviving member of the family Miwa. Plans to achieve the title of Meister as Aria.


  • He hates to be cold.
  • He has extremely poor eyesight (hence his glasses). However, when he is seen as a child, he didn't seem to require glasses. This may mean that he either grew to need glasses or they didn't realize he needed them until later on in life.
  • He drinks a lot of milk, but he never gets any taller.
  • He likes cats.
  • His pastimes and talents are writing out sutras, touch typing, drinking hot milk every day, long baths.
  • He spend his days off: In winter, copying out sutras or surfing the internet while sitting at the kotatsu.
  • His average bath time 1.5 hours.
  • His favorite words are: "Cats curl up under the kotatsu".
  • He enjoys listening to sutra recitations and sermons.
  • The first half of his name "koneko" means kitten, while the second half "maru" means circle. In a way, this could translate into "circle of kittens".
  • He is ranked third on Rin Okumura's "cool guys according to me" list, right under Bon, and just above Rin himself.
  • According to Renzo in the OVA, Konekomaru is a cat lover who plays with every cat he meets, and carries a cat-toy with him everywhere he goes for that purpose