Shiemi is the daughter of the owner of the shop with articles exclusively for exorcists. The girl is nice and she took great care
of her grandmother's garden for a short period after her grandmother died from a tragic accident. She often has a lack of self-confidence. Before meeting with the, newly-arrived to the Academy; Rinem, Shiemi had not had much contact with peers (she did not attend high school at first because of her shyness and poor health). After the death of her grandmother, and Yukio freeing her body from the influence of a demon disguised as a purple flower which Shiemi was interacting with, she regained her vitality and decided to become an exorcist. She was devastated when she learned that Yukio and Rin where hiding the truth about Rin's demonic origins, so she thought that they thought her unworthy of their trust. However, during the mission Kyoto Rin come to terms with where he was imprisoned and, along with the rest of his classmates helped him escape. She is also a friend of Izumo, although the beginning of their relationship did not start out well. Shiemi has talents in the direction of becoming a Meister as a summoner and can recall the so-called, Green Spirit, Ni-Khan, who helps her produce medicinal herbs and set up protective barriers which are also it's main familiars. It is now Esquire.


  • She has only worn traditional Japanese clothing since she was born (with the exception of occasionally the school uniform).
  • Her favorite food is her grandmother's herb cookies.
  • Her favorite pastimes are gardening, making herbal teas, naming plants and flowers, baking cookies and lying under the sun.
  • She is almost always seen blushing.
  • She is slightly allergic to pollen.
  • She seems to have a few similarities with Cosette In Valkyria Chronicles 2. They are both clumsy and are better in medical work. They seem to have almost the same hairstyle.
  • In the afterword of Volume#.1, Kazue Kato states that the original concept of Shiemi had been a Gothic girl living in a tower without the focus on Japanese style.
  • In the English scan of Ao no Exorcist Volume #.1, at the end, Moriyamawas incorrectly typed as Murayama.
  • Kazue Kato initially had Shiemi's eye color as blue. This was seen on many chapter covers and on Volume #3.
  • She bares quite a resemblance to Monaka Miyama-Uguisu, the girl in The Miyama-Uguisu Mansion Incident, the one shot that led to Blue Exorcist.