Rin's teacher. She is a Upper Class Exorcist. Seals her sword on a symbol above her chest.The words she uses are"Devour the Seven Princesses, slay the Serpent" to draw it out. Fujimoto Shirou was her teacher and asked her to protect Rin Okumura. She later agrees to teach Rin how to use a demon sword. She tends to have a carefree personality and be obnoxious. She drinks and also sleeps on the jobNevertheless, she still cares about it. Appearance

Shura's appearance is that of a matured female. She possesses large breasts and long pink hair tipped with yellow at the ends. Her hair forms bangs which frame her face and others which fall covering her forehead. When first introduced, Shura, dressed as a male wears the usual black pants with a dark hoodie which obstructs her face.

After revealing herself Shura loses the hoodie and sports a dark bra. She also wears a dark jacket, light scarf with a design in a dark color nearing its end, thigh high light socks or fishnet stockings, short pants which appear to have been cut and dark boots. Upon her chest and stomach are symbols which she uses to store various objects, mainly weapons which may belong to her or others.


Shura possesses a carefree attitude and may be viewed as a slacker due to the fact that she usually gets drunk, sleeps, or plays her video games while on the job. However Shura has a strong sense of duty and shuns those she views as unworthy. Shura may also be viewed as obnoxious as she is rude to others such as Yukio Okumura due to their clashing personalities.

Powers/ Abilities

"Devour the Seven Princesses, slay the Serpent." -Shura's mantra to summon her blade.

As an Upper Class Exorcist, as well as a Knight, Shura possesses great skill with her sword. Shura is so powerful that she alone was able to subdue Rin in battle, defeat Yukio in competition, drive away the demon Amaimon, and draw with the new Paladin Auguste Arthur Angel

"Go below there and you will arrive where He is at."- Shura's mantra to summon other objects stored within her symbol located upon her stomach

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