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Kirigakure Shura is an Exorcist Upper Class and mentor of Rin. She trained under the supervision of Shiro Fujimoto for the title of Meister in "Knight" (Knight) and can pull a sword out of a symbol on her chest when she says, "Gobble the Seven Princesses, kill the snake." The ability of her sword allows her to fight on equal terms with demons of upper class such as Amaimon. Usually cheerful and hateful, Shura is carefree about
her work, seen drinking alcohol and sleeping too much. Seems to have a dark past, saying that Shiro had rescued her.
Hidden under a hood as Yamada, one of Rin's classmates, Shura was revealed when Amaimon attacked Rin, saving Rin from the attack, before taking him into custody. Provincial Superior, Shura had been ordered to investigate the Japanese branch of the Academy and delete anything related to Satan. She has a grudge against Shiro (who asked her to teach Rin how to use the Koumaken). After confirming that Rin was the son of Satan, Shura was determined to destroy him, however Rin convinced her that he would become a Paladin and show her that Shiro has raised him well.
Shura decides to teach Rin how to use his powers, as Shiro had wished. Shura went on to have sister-like relation with Rin. Shura and Yukio have a very close relationship with one another due to Shiro training them both.
  • She is a heavy drinker, but can't handle it well. Once she begins, trouble soon follows.
  • Her pastimes and talents are foot massages, hot stone spas, and bothering animals.
  • She gets 8 hours of sleep on average.
  • Her favorite genre of manga is romance.
  • Her favorite type of guy is strong and collected.
  • Shura means "carnage/bloodshed".
  • She states the she never once prayed to God.
  • Her hair is not dyed but is in fact her real color.
  • Yamada ( 山田) , the name she used when she infiltrated the cram school disguised as a student, means "mountain rice field"